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For those of us who are frequent travelers, the in-flight safety demonstration the flight attendants do before every flight is pretty much ingrained in the brain. There’s the part where they state what to do in case cabin pressure is lost on the plane. Something along the lines of:

Self-Care 101: oxygen mask analogy

The oxygen masks will drop from the overhead if cabin pressure is lost on the plane. Oxygen will flow from the plastic bags even if they don’t inflate. Make sure to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.

“Secure your own mask before helping others.”

It makes plenty of sense when you think about it in this context right? How can you help anyone else if you’re unconscious? It’s the obvious and responsible thing to do.

So then, why don’t we share the same sentiments when it comes to taking care of ourselves? If anything, we’re usually quick to come up with excuses!

“I don’t even know how to pamper myself.” “There’s not enough hours in the day.” “My family needs me.”

Some of those are valid reasons, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that your well-being is important too. In fact, your needs are the priority.

You can’t pour from an empty glass.

What is self-care?

Self-care, simply put, is taking care of yourself. A better explanation is its activities, hobbies, practices, etc., that one can do to reduce stress and maintain or even improve short and long-term health and wellness.

Self-Care 101
Lauren Mancke


Reducing stress is an important benefit, if not the most important. Personal stress is often ignored because we’re used to it. We’ve grown accustomed to stress that often comes with our jobs, kids, bills, health, etc., to the point that we see it as a part of daily life rather than a problem that can carry serious health issues.

Along with reducing the negative effects of stress, self-care is good for preventing overload or burnout and helps you focus. As someone who once had no clue what self-care was and now practices it avidly, I can attest to the fact that it has helped me refocus and find a sense of direction in all aspects of my life!

How to start

Taking care of yourself may be a new, even challenging, concept to you, and that’s totally fine! There’s no wrong time to realize that you need to start prioritizing yourself. Your body and mind will be grateful you came to that realization period!

The first time I laced up my shoes and went running was the hardest. The first time I took a day off and totally disconnected from work was the hardest (I’m in management; off days are rare). The first time I said “no” with absolute purpose was the hardest.

5 Morning Habits to Jumpstart Your Day

What’s my point? Most things that are new and different can be difficult in the beginning, and taking care of yourself is no different. But after that first day of running, or disconnecting at work, or saying “no”, or whatever the case may be, it gets easier with repetition.

Self-care isn’t a fad diet or a 5-day quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change and a very rewarding one at that! Here are a couple tips that keep me on track!

1. Remind Yourself That You Deserve This

Putting yourself first every now and then is absolutely necessary, so don’t try to talk yourself out of some you-time! If no one else will say it to you, then I will: YOU DESERVE THIS!

2. One step at a time

Self-Care 101: One step at a time
Bruno Nascimento

It’s easy to get motivated and want to take on a bunch of new activities or hobbies all at once. Nothing wrong with being enthusiastic! Just remember to be realistic as well. Taking on too many changes at the same time might leave you overwhelmed or discouraged, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid!

If you don’t have a self-care regimen in place already, you can start off with light activities like starting the morning with a glass of lemon water, taking an easy morning walk, or listening to a motivating podcast.

Free Self-Care Bundle

Self-care is such an important topic to me. At work, I can be an overachiever or perfectionist and tend to sweat the small stuff at times… okay, maybe a lot of times. As for family life, I’m the eldest and I can only assume it’s a softcore version of parenthood. Being across the country from them doesn’t make it any easier either.

Despite all of this, the only way I’m able to hustle as I do is by consistently making time to be selfish and take care of myself. My meditation sessions, my daily water intake, my workouts? They’re all as important, if not more important, than my day job and other responsibilities I have. I cannot perform anything to the best of my abilities and I cannot take care of anyone if I am not taken care of, so I give myself the attention I need!

I recently created a self-care bundle to help you do the same! This bundle includes:

  • 55 self-care ideas for every kind of personality!
  • A copy of my daily self-care checklist that you can adopt as your own!
  • A self-care planner to help you create your own weekly self-care list!
  • 10 motivating quotes to get you out of bed and energize you for the day!

What I love most about this bundle and self-care, in general, is that it doesn’t require long and exhausting hours. If anything, self-care can be a very easy thing to incorporate.

One of my favorite self-care practices is laying down or relaxing while playing inspiring music (love me some Bob Marley)! It’s completely effortless, yet it has such a positive effect on me that continues for the rest of the day!

Did I mention that this bundle is absolutely free! Simply drop your name and email address below and it’ll be in your inbox shortly!

Share some of your self-care tips, advice, and secrets in the Comments section!

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