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I’m no fitness/workout guru. I haven’t been about that fit life since my varsity volleyball days in high school. Yet, somehow, I’m down nearly 20 lbs for the year. There’s only one thing that comes to mind as to why I was able to maintain somewhat of fitness/health regimen for most of the year: I started home workouts.

I’ve never been much of a gym person as the negatives outweigh the positives for me. Germs, someone using your equipment, fear of judgment, a creepy guy watching you squat, I could go on forever. I never feel like myself in the gym. Once I started doing the majority of my workouts at home, I actually started enjoying exercising. I could put in more effort, dig deeper, and crush my sessions.

I’m a huge advocate for home workouts. You can workout whenever you want and no one judges you when you grunt, curse, or scream (like I often do). From yoga to Zumba to strength training, the options of home workouts that can make you break a sweat are pretty much endless.

All it takes is a few essentials to turn a part of your living space into your very own health and fitness sanctuary. Below is my list of home gym essentials. I already use some of the equipment in my home gym (usually the living room) and have others on my wish/Christmas list that I plan on giving my boyfriend soon.

10 Essential Equipment for Your Home Workouts

Essential equipment for home workouts

Medicine Ball

So, if I had a favorite piece of equipment, it’s probably my medicine ball. It can be used for abs, arms, thighs, and more. I squat for days with my medicine ball! A 10 or 12 lb ball is good if you’re just starting out!

Medicine Ball essential for home workouts


This year, I decided to take my muscles seriously and start weight training. Dumbbells are part of the reason I’m finally seeing some definition in my baby arms. 8 lb weights are enough for me now.

Dumbbells essential for home workouts

Yoga Mat

I barely do yoga, but I have a yoga mat anyway. I use this Gaiam yoga mat (mine is Purple Mandala) both on carpet and hardwood floor and don’t have any sliding or comfort issues at all as it offers a good amount of padding.

Jump Rope

Who knew that this childhood past-time is such an excellent form of cardio? It burns just as much cardio as running, which is why I love adding it to my cardio regimen. I love jump ropes with grippy handles like this adjustable jump rope from Benran.

Jump Rope Essential for Home Workouts

Flat Bench

One of the most basic pieces of equipment for home workouts (though, if you have a sturdy chair around, that works sometimes too). I like using the flat bench for weighted step-ups and step jumps.

Bosu Ball

Definitely on my wishlist! The awesome thing about the Bosu ball is that it’s pretty much a complete gym on its own! It helps develop strength, coordination, and balance while trimming and toning key areas!

Bosu Ball essential for home workoutsKettlebell

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t invested in a kettlebell yet. I definitely know I’m missing out though. It’s known for burning a ton of calories in a short amount of time when combined with strength and cardio workouts.

Kettlebell essential for home workoutsFoam Roller

I wish I had a foam roller when I first started resistance training. My muscles were beyond sore and I was hobbling for days. Owning a foam roller is like having a personal masseuse as it rolls the kinks and knots out of your muscles. It takes some getting used to the feeling at first, but it does wonders and is essential for maintaining healthy muscles.

Foam roller essential for home workoutsExercise Ball

While the exercise ball is awesome for total body workouts and adding a challenge factor to pretty much any exercise, it’s absolutely amazing for targeting abs! Be it crunches or ball passes, my abs are on fire when I workout with my exercise ball! I love this one in pink!

Exercise ball essential for home workoutsThe Step Original

This OG piece of equipment is excellent if you don’t have stairs or steps around. The Step Original is great for both cardio exercises and strength training. I’ve had my eyes on this one for a while. It’s more expensive than the recreational version, but much sturdier with rubber grips to prevent slipping and is used in gyms.

The Original Step essential for home workouts

What’s one of your favorite equipment for your home workout?

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